cheryl 'cat' townsend



The table across from me
is talking about
The Passion Of Christ
as the husband
(an extremely handsome man)
is sneaking peaks my way
while his wife
tries to settle
an overactive
almost toddler
who also turns
to look


Sometimes it feels
as if it's been
raining all my life



I fit into darkness
better than any pair of jeans
or loosely flowing dress
It is there
that pendulous breasts
flounce in abandon
Where pudenda hairs
rub nothing but themselves
where fabric & walls
are not so foreign
where my flesh
no longer feels shame


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martini glasses
bar scene
bar scene
outside the bar
outside the bar
rodney is a bitch
rodney is a bitch

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under moons
Under Moons
Pointless Music (2000)
A CD of poetry by Cheryl Townsend with music by Pointless Orchestra.
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melt in your mouth
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     Cheryl A Townsend used to publish she just collects the poetry and answers disgruntled mail from the senders. Ahh. She runs cat's Impetuous Books in Kent, OH...where she also pretends to be doing business. She does a lot of photography and thinks that's where all her poetic vision went. She is probably fatter than the last time you saw her.

New journal
(both e-version & print) w/interview/poems & photography
• book review with basinki - Landing On My Feet

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