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mad blood 3
mad blood 3

See Thru Dj vu All Over Again

had my 50th birthday shindig
this past Saturday nite
couldn't have been a better

opened with a bona fide
kick ass poetry reading
& proceeded on from there

the nite ended about 4:30
on the heels of an
acoustic set by a friend of mine
who came by after his gig at B.B. King's

Carlos Guitarlos

a great guy
& real live punk

slammed Wild Turkey hard for years
& finally
after his best pal
(same type legend)
Top Jimmy ODd
on rock n roll
a few years ago
Carlos went
Straight From the Heart

been clean ever since

Carlos shouts the blues from
inside a crazy run down
shack of a heart
where love is born
& plays guitar like a ballerina railroad

his life's turned around for him
& his album has been hanging at
numero uno on the blues charts

as Carey & I
watched him go
we shook our heads
grinned big
looked at one another
& said, "They just don't make 'em like this."
Carlos then introduced his next song with,
"And here's one I wrote from
one of my many

3 bands played that nite
people danced & laughed
& sang in the moonlight
we were all happy
we were born

we smashed our idols
with true love
well into the morning
& the morning after
& the day after that

the greatest gift of all :
my wife reading her
love poem to me
during the

my karma swirled
all about me
as I was allowed to
stand in the same
river twice
with everyone

it was royal

when heavy metal Chris & I
finally left
Bruces place at
Sunday morning
a hungry fog had settled in the quiet hills
& ate everything
to help
reinvent the next
as we eased on
down the hill
Eagle Rock &

this morning
a friend asked
about the party
& I said
it was the mother of all

standing close by said
that it was the
of all parties

I am honored

so nice to have so many
help to
turn the wine


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S.A.'s bust of bukowski
collage by S A Griffin
sabillboardsm.jpg - 11085 Bytes
Billboard at the corner of Hillhurst

Sunset & Hollywood Blvds.
in Los Angeles, August 2002
Poem by S.A. Griffin
photo by Jesse Hopkins.

3.09.2000 - s. a. griffin

S. A. Griffin
green hills memorial park - march 9. 2000

S.A. Griffin is a crash vampire living in Los Angeles. He is a Cadillac wrangling son of the Lone Star State. His mother was Venus on the halfshell, and his father was a used car salesman. He is rhythm and oxygen.

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