Chloe Ryan



periodically, life backs up
and you have to work
to make your way through
the clogged pipes

sometimes when I'm moving
really slowly
I start to wonder
if I am what
is plugging me up

we want to blame it
on other people
or things that point
safely in a direction
far removed from ourselves

instead of getting out
a plunger
and breaking free
to set ourselves
back in motion

and while we hesitate
we feel life swelling
around us
lodging us in to stagnation
further discouraging our movement

today while home sick
watching bad daytime tv
I got sucked in by QVC
and bought myself a hand held
air compressed plunger

for only twenty-eight dollars
and ninety-nine cents
and I smiled while placing the order
a small price to pay
to get through this shit



unconscious- ah...
the sublime surrender
of the subconscious
where my conscience
gets temporary reprieve



this blister of longing
aches on my skin
I once was singed by passion
a molten disposition
hardened by reality
and left to suffer


I have been conditioned
not to notice
when I am being

the flags wave
and an old lady smiles
while kids run happily
through the propaganda

they serve me up
a slice of apple pie
and I am freckled
by the freedom of the sun

they think I do not notice
the swift current
of cunning calculation
in their undertones



unspoken and well hidden
but never forgotten; memories
the night you showed me
even New York can be tender
cutting through layers
your fingertips connected
all the dots that hold me together
careful not to miss a spot
your cool surface persona
melted away in an instant
we fell together
and I will never
be the same


Chloe Ryan
      Chloe Ryan is 35 but clinging to "chick status". She has 20 poems in a poetry book "Dark Nights", has her own book, "Leaving Yesterday", published by Crazy Horse Publishing, and has been published in The Dream People and Nirvana Flats. She was on a poetry panel at the 2003 Pop Culture Association's Annual Conference, and has done other poetry readings just for the hell of it. Her upbringing includes the influence of both small town and big city. She usually smiles as she muddles her way through the experience known as the human condition and thinks that most people are highly underrated. Occasionally, she is so overcome with joy for living that she hugs the sky and doesn't mind that onlookers seeing her do it think she looks like a kook. She claims "life is full of possibilities and the thrill of the unknown is so great".

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