Eric C. Harrison


after a passing storm

walked the dog tonight
by the marsh under streetlamps
saw heron silhouette

strange grey overhead
ozone smell to the salt air
back home - pets act strange

canine very hyper
cats fearful of everything
rats hide in cedar

one mouse sound asleep
the other, a mother now
coddles her babies


Trout Garden

beneath rosebuds
spade turns over
sun dried soil
rearing moisture
for this garden
bringing beauty
peaceful colors

food for food

earthworms wriggling
in mulch and dirt
picked like fruit
to be consumed
when exchanged
for rainbow trout
through simple rule

"just add water"


new.gif - 1979 Bytes
Parallel Enigmas
Parallel Enigmas

Carter Monroe with Eric C. Harrison

Third Lung Press

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in line at doctors office
"in line at doctors office"

acrylic paint/canvas

she comes for tea & voodoo
"she comes for tea & voodoo"


eric harrison

Eric Harrison is a chain smoker who likes to fish and who takes his artwork very seriously. He strives to capture his vision by choosing the right media to express each thought or perception. The bulk of his creative work is that of a moody musician, painter, illustrator and poet. Much of what he does represents misanthropic depression and the darker, uglier aspects of the human psyche as well as the delusions that preoccupy his excessively paranoid mind. Some of his music, song lyrics and visual arts appear on CD's produced by his own and several other underground bands. Many of which have been sold and distributed worldwide. His most recent written work appears in The Rockzillaworld Americana Poetry Cosortium and the Third Lung Review Issue #32. When he isn't "being an artist" (and quite often when he is) Eric spends time alone or with his dog and is usually found brooding over paranoid theories or wandering the woods and salt marsh near his home in Lynn, Ma.


• Rockzillaworld-Americana Poetry Consortium
• The Third Lung Review - poetry
• Art Conspiracy art/poetry
• Thunder Sandwich #21 -art
• Thunder Sandwich #22 -poetry
• Thunder Sandwich #23
• 63Channels
• Spitjaw Review, Issue #2

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