Henry Denander


Slaving in the sun

Every time I whine about the cold and
the snow here in Sweden, Glenn says its
hell in Australia with the sun and the
high temperature and hed give anything
to have our climate.

I love the sun and the warm summers but
Glenn is really suffering from the heat.

In his email he says its 7.30 Friday
morning and hes on his way to his job.

Here its just 9.30 on Thursday night and
Im relaxing, listening to Miles Davis.

No wonder hes complaining about the
heat, they have to be on their toes,
staying ten hours ahead of us all the

Hard job.

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sydney operahouse
sydney operahouse


henry denander
HENRY DENANDER lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife and young son and he just turned fifty and he works in the daytime with contracts and negotiations and financial stuff for entertainment people but he is also writing and drawing and painting and his book "I Know What She Will Say" with poetry and artwork is available now through BOS Press.
He has illustrated a new Gerry Locklin chapbook and his poems and artwork can be seen in Chiron Review, Nerve Cowboy, Bukowski Review, remark, Thunder Sandwich.

I Know What She Will SayI Know What She Will Say
20 pages of poems & artwork
Bottle of Smoke Press

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