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charles bukowski
08.16.1920 - 03.09.1994
"The Best Way To Get Famous
Is To Run Away

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"The more crap you believe, the better off you are" - buk

• To The Whore Who Took My Poems
• the last days of the suicide kid
• clips from poems and insults
• the grammar of life
• light of jesus
• Bukowski Interview
• Love
• My Friend Andre
• Piss And Shit
• Conversation In A Cheap Room
• No Charge
• The Poetry Reading
• Just for Old Times Sake
• The Secret Of My Endurance
• The Pleasures
• No Lady Godiva
• fanletter
• Prayer for Broken Handed Lovers
• Number Six
• Earthquake
• The Loser
• A Smart Girl
• The Rat
• i don't need a cleopatra
• 1962/the Tragedy Of the Leaves
• Sour Ghost
• From the Department of English
• Flyleaf
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