Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal



He takes pen to paper
And knocks Death on its rear.
Its dark cloak blows and
Exposes an odd smile.

Death wants to see more
Poems and the poet is most
At ease writing words,
Making love with language.

His dreams continue with
A few friends at his side.
Death jabs and pricks his
Blood. But It knows when

To stop: because even Death
Knows when It is in
The presence of greatness.
Death adjusts its head

Which keeps falling off:
The odd smile and bony
Head, turning each page,
Hungry for more and more.



I'll listen to you guys. What do I stand to lose? I can't do any worse.
I can't climb the walls to freedom. I have no pocket change to call
my attorney. If I did, he would be in here so fast, dropping a lawsuit
on all of you, and you would be sorry. I know you look at me like if
I was diseased. You are sadly misjudging me. I am an intelligent
person wrongly accused. Madness does not run in my veins. I'm sure
you would refute this because you do not understand the genius mind.

staring blankly
at the payphone
a loud ring startles him



I just met the perfect woman.
She eats flaming hot cheetos
Without any kind of a drink.

I just met the perfect woman.
She watches horror movies
And is as sweet as she's beautiful.

I just met the perfect woman.
She lights up the room with
Her laughter and her smile.

I just met the perfect woman.
She shared her flaming hot cheetos
With me. But I could use a drink.



It devours itself.
I am missing my left
Hand and my right
Pinky finger.

Bits of each wrist and
Fragments of the bones
Have been chewed through.
It is hopeless.

It will go into
Shock and I will die.
Once my heart is
Devoured, that's it.

Don't tell me I am
Just look at me, I'm
Wasting away.


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Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal
      “No one can teach you how to write a poem.” I have been writing for several years. Pygmy Forest Press will publish my first book of poems sometime this summer (2003), title, “Raw Materials. I have poems and short stories at unlikely stories and pemmican press

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